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Portacio returns to creator-owned comics with Non-Humans

Cover of Non-Humans #1, picturing a dark-haired man with a doll with glowing eyes on his shoulder. Both are spattered in blood.One of Image Comics‘ founders, Whilce Portacio, returns to creator-owned world with the new series Non-Humans, penned by Glen Brunswick, to be published by Image Comics in October.

An otherworldly disease brought back to Earth by a NASA space probe has given inanimate objects like toys, dolls, and mannequins the ability to come to life, able to walk, talk, and speak — and to think for themselves. A new minority class called “Non-Humans,” the former objects take on part of the personalities of the people who used or even loved them.

The varied personalities of the Non-Humans was part of the appeal for comics veteran Portacio. Non-Humans is Portacio’s first creator-owned comics since his original Wetworks series, published from first 1994 to 1996 and then relaunched in 2006.

Non-Humans is a full-color ongoing series starting in October. Issue #1 (AUG120465) is available for pre-order from the August issue of Previews. A five-page preview of Non-Humans #1 appears in Elephantmen #42, which was in stores on August 15.

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