Comic Book Literacy Now on DVD

After a successful screening run, including San Diego Comic-Con, C2E2, American Library Association National Conference and more, the educational, feature length documentary film Comic Book Literacy is now on DVD.

The film features comic book creators like Paul Dini, Ben Dunn, Scott McCloud, Terry Moore, Joe Quesada, Jim Salicrup, Gail Simone, Art Spiegelman and more as they discuss the concept of utilizing the comic book medium for educational purposes and to promote literacy.

The Comic Book Literacy Documentary is an independent feature length documentary film.  The film showcases comic books as a way to inspire a passion for reading in both children and adults.  Comics have traditionally had a bad reputation from the perspective of the general public and it is the goal of this film to shatter the negative stereotype of comics as “junk food for the brain” and to show them in a new light.

Comics are a diverse, misunderstood medium that, for too long, have been the dirty little secret of the literary world.  From the immigrant who learns English by reading Superman comics to the child who develops a love of literature from the X-Men, comics have kept America reading for decades with fantastic tales, well structured stories and amazing fantasies.

The film can be purchased online at