Keyleaf Comics Expands Free Advertising

Keyleaf Comics is now offering FREE ADVERTISEMENTS to comic-based websites and comic conventions. Keyleaf Comics is already offering free advertisements to all retailers, both brick & mortar, as well as online-only. Websites and conventions will be given a permanent advertisement in all properties released in a particular month. The advertisement will never be replaced, existing within said issue(s) for as long as they are offered.

Keyleaf Comics CEO Benjamin Gilbert had to say:

Our free advertisement campaign has received an overwhelming amount of positive response. We’ve also gotten many requests from websites and conventions that want to advertise. The obvious answer is, ‘Why not?”

Keyleaf Comics is not asking for anything in return. All comic-based websites and comic conventions are eligible. Interested parties need only send an inquiry to Shannon Forrey, Keyleaf Comics’ Design and Marketing Lead for the 1/4 page template. Once the advertisement is complete, websites and conventions will be allotted an upcoming month and see their ad on every title released within said month.