How Is Mitt Romney Like The Penguin, The Joker and Batman?

Today, the political world has been having fun with Mitt Romney and Venn Diagrams.  I got this one sent to me that references the Penguin, Joker and Batman, and it’s hilarious.

(via Upworthy, Mitt Venn and Now)



  • william wallace

    Well we know what BARACK is “THE FRAUDSTER”
    BARACKS wealthy backers were in such awe at his
    ability to fleece the people his ability to lie / deceive
    to break every promise and get away with it / that in
    apprecation they quickly awarded him a Nobel Prize.

    Rather than protecting people’s rights he removed
    the few rights they had remaining / with a stroke of
    the pen removing the right to a trial /where it being
    any individual being arrested / being refused legal
    representation no charge being brought / no court
    appearance the individual simply left rot in a prison
    cell / without mercy left deprived of all human rights.

    BARACK prepares for another election /a repeat of
    the same first time round / promising all to anybody
    another repeat of many heartless / empty promises.

    The people black or white have one vital right which
    remains their right in removing BARACK from office.

    • Barack’s “wealthy backers”!? Do you have any idea the amount of money, and how few it’s from, flowing into Mitt’s disastrous campaign?

      The Nobel prize is from his years working on nuclear disarmament among other things (something he pursued with members of the Republican party).

      When did we lose rights to a trial? I totally missed that one. There’s been sketchy shit when it comes to rights, but that’s a hyperbolic statement on paranoid levels.

      All you have to say is negative stuff about President Obama, how about actually coming up with ideas of your own?

      • william wallace

        Kidnapping / torture / all be legal according to BARACK.

        Murder is now called “Lawful murder” you can put “lawful” before the crime it becomes a none crime it a lawful crime.

        PS / sorry the delay unto your comment / my apologies.

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  • I have no idea what you have just said. But if your “stripping our rights away” comment is in regard to the national defense authorization act, I think you should know that this law has been renewed since the sixties. You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about, and quite frankly, I also have no clue what you are talking about either.