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Pick of the Week – Thief of Thieves #6

There’s a few comics I really look forward to coming out each and every month, Thief of Thieves is up there, that’s why Robert Kirkman and Nick Spencer‘s Thief of Thieves #6 is this week’s pick.  The series follows a thief who is attempting to reform.  Instead of lots of action and convoluted stories, we get a character study.  The focus is on Redmond and his trying to pick up the pieces of his life which include an ex-wife and kid.  This is one of those comics where it’s not about flashy scenes.  It’s all about the characters, their actions and most importantly, their emotions.  With a television series in the works, this is a series that it’s never to late to get in the bottom floor.

  • Thief of Thieves #6 – see above
  • Mind MGMT #2 – Matt Kindt’s new series is unbelievable in both story and art. It involves mind control, secret programs and is unlike anything else on the market today.
  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise #7 – What can I say, IDW can do no wrong when it comes to their Transformers books.
  • Executive Assistant: Assassins #1 – A new ongoing from Aspen follows assassins doing what they do best. I liked the recent event involving these characters, so should be fun to see what a series has in store.
  • Danger Club #3 – All the adult heroes are missing and all that’s left is kids and sidekicks.  The series is brutal, over the top and so much fun.
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