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The weekend is here, yay!

Around the Blogs:

Kotaku – Here’s How You Bring Superman and Batman into World of WarcraftStill won’t get me to play.

The Beat – Madefire (Read: Mamtor) Launches New Digital Graphic Novel Format With Dave Gibbons, Bill Sienkiewicz and FriendsI’ll have to check this out.

MTV Geek – JManga Drops Subscription Requirement, Allows Readers to Pay as They Go – Smart.


Around the Tubes Reviews:

The Herts Advertiser 24 – Kick-Ass 2

CBR – The Punisher #12

Talking Comics – This Week in The Avengers – 6/20/2012

Think Hero – Comic Book Reviews – “ink Hero” Avengers Vs. X-Men #6, Before Watchmen: Comedian #1, Saga #4, Creator Owned Heroes #1

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