SLG Goes Robot with new series Model A

Model A Comic Book  Brings 1920’s Feel to 21st Century Comics

San Jose, CA – 6/18/2012 – Robots come in all shapes, sizes  and models and are becoming more and more a part of our daily lives. SLG Publishing’s new series Model A by  Jef Bambas’  everything we know about robots goes topsy-turvy when a machine built to serve is snapped out of his dull and uniform existence and discovers a world outside the confines of the one he was built to live in.

SLG Logo BannerModel A, gets a nasty bump on the head, he is released from his drone-like state and able to explore a brand new existence he never knew. But along the way, he comes across trials to test his own strength and trust in this strange life he has stumbled into. “Model A is about a robot that finds himself alone in a strange world that is seemingly out to get him, ” said creator Jef Bambas “and has to discover not only where he is and who he can trust, but who he is and what he stands for.”Model A

Despite the serious tone, Model A possesses a sense of humor that is not often associated with comics about robots. Using zero dialogue, Bambas gives a vintage, silent film feel to the otherwise futuristic comic. Model A is a labor of love for creator  Bambas who crafted the characters in the series years ago and played with ideas on how to create a world for them.  Combining with the hilarity of slap-stick comedy usually seen on shows like The Three Stooges, Model A creates a comfortable home for both dramatic and humorous situations. SLG publisher Dan Vado, has been pleased with the results. “Slap-stick! Robots! That’s the proverbial two great tastes. You can’t go wrong with that,”

Model A is an ongoing comic book series currently available as a digital download and in mini-comic form. Model A can be downloaded to a variety of devices from the iTunes store, Comixology and from SLG’s own website at in DRM free formats (from the SLG site only). Issue #1 is a free download from the SLG website as well as from Comixology. The print mini-comic version is currently available only through the SLG webstore and select retail locations.