The Liberty Girl Returns!


America’s bronze goddess of freedom, the LIBERTY GIRL, returns this summer in brand-new adventures!

In the sixth issue of LIBERTY COMICS, on sale in July, comic book legend ROY THOMAS teams up with the Liberty Girl’s creator, DENNIS MALLONEE, and Italy’s FRANCESCO GERBINO for a new Golden Age adventure of America’s bronze goddess of freedom, on the eve of “WAR!”

In LIBERTY GIRL #4, for the first time in half a century, LIBERTY GIRL and the HUNTSMAN are together again in an adventure ripped from today’s headlines! When one of America’s greatest living heroes is murdered in a terrorist attack, it’s time for

justice to be done. You won’t want to miss the explosive cliff-hanger ending to

“Those Who Favor Fire,” an all-new Liberty Girl adventure by RICHARD MARTIN


Individual copies of LIBERTY COMICS #6 and LIBERTY GIRL #4 can be ordered from the Heroic Publishing website,

Bulk purchases of LIBERTY COMICS #6 and LIBERTY GIRL #4 are available to comic book retailers through the Heroic Distribution webservice,

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