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Sensational G-Girl To Appear In Champions #57


On the heels of the phenomenal success of her debut this month in CHAMPIONS #55, Heroic Publishing has quickly adjusted their schedule and slated America’s newest costumed heroine, THE SENSATIONAL G-GIRL, to make her next appearance in CHAMPIONS #57, with a fabulous cover by the magnificent MARK BEACHUM, and interior artwork by the awesome ALESSANDRO SCACCHIA.

A few weeks into it, things are not going at all smoothly for a teenaged superhero boy who suddenly found himself magically transformed into a very pretty teenaged superhero girl!

That’s why our newly minted heroine, Billi Jayne Jensen, aka the SENSATIONAL G-GIRL, is willing to do whatever it takes to get back to being a guy. Even if that means doing what the ever-naughty BLACK ENCHANTRESS tells her she’s going to have do to in order to achieve that goal. Of course, before she does anything like that, she is going to get a second opinion from FLARE. And maybe even a third opinion from her obnoxious little brother Jimmy, aka MUCHACHO G.

This brand-new SENSATIONAL G-GIRL adventure is written by the G-Girl’s creator, Dennis Mallonee, and introduces the awesome artwork of Alessandro Scacchia.

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