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Kickstarter Spotlight – Tales of Discord

Paul J. Salamoff has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his series Tales of Discord.  He hopes to use the crowd-funding website to raise $11,000 going towards the creation of the five issues of Tales Of Discord and the collected graphic novel Tales Of Discord: The Complete Series.

After crash-landing on a distant planet, which leaves everyone onboard dead and dismembered, a member of a popular superhero team is reassembled and resurrected by the indigenous aliens with the useable body parts of the rest of his team (as well as the enemy). As he deals with the grief of losing his friends as well as his own identity, he must also come to terms with not just who, but what he is.

DISCORD explores the themes of self and the loss of identity. It deals seriously with the issues of love, friendship and family and how these can be torn apart by despair and self loathing. It also examines what it means to be a hero both as a member of a team as well as an individual. In so dealing with the thin line between good and evil.

The campaign ends July 1.  You can contribute now.

Best pledge: $30 – you get a signed trade paperback of Tales of Discord and a digitally-delivered PDF of the original Discord graphic novel.  You’ll also get your name listed in the “thank you” section.

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