Around the Tubes

So it was a lighter week of comics released yesterday.  Anything stand out for anyone?

Around the Blogs:

Bleeding Cool – Can You Help Oliver Nome?I’ll absolutely help with this.

New Paltz Times – DC’s ‘New 52′ a mixed bag that could save printAn interesting take on DC’s recent relaunch.

ICv2 – Diamond Restructures Digital, Web – Not a good sign.

Marvel – Meet the Blue EarMarvel finally posts up about that nice thing they did.

Market Watch – Portland Author Attacking Teen Financial Illiteracy Using Hard-Hitting Graphic NovelGreat idea.

The Times of India – Does a superhero’s sexuality matter? – The Times of India has been doing some great articles on comics lately.


Around the Tubes Reviews:

The Reviews of Mars – House of Night: The Graphic Novel #1

MTV Geek – The Ravagers #1

Complex – Review: Hellboy Returns In “BPRD Hell On Earth: The Transformation Of J.H. O’Donnell”