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MISfortune Cookies. Fun Snacks with a Story

MISFORTUNE COOKIES: Not so Fortunate Fortunes!


Today we launch a promotion for one of the darn cutest things we’ve ever been involved with: MISFORTUNE COOKIES.

Everyone has had a fortune cookie, but have you ever stopped to appreciate what goes into making them? All of the magics that must be summoned to bring forth such wise and foretelling statements?

Well, the FortuChan corporation and family knows! But something has happened and mischievous spirits are now loose in the factory, and they are F#$&ing up the fortunes!

No one is sure if it started when Grandma messed up a line summoning an ancestor for advice, or if one of the kids were careless with a Ouija board, but all that matters now is that Grandpa is stuck with a lot of inventory of fortunes that are a little more ominous… or … downright sarcastic and ornery than they should be.

This project supports Project Rectify

But Grandpa FortuChan would like to tell you this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to grab these collectors items! And he’s doing it on Kickstarter!

So what are you waiting for? Go see what they are all about and what [mis]fortune awaits you (or an unsuspecting friend).

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