Pick of the Week – Batman #9

The family of Bat titles have been leading up to the Night of the Owls storyline, that alone would make Batman #9 a likely pick for the week.  But on top of that buzz worthy event, Greg Capullo‘s art and Scott Snyder‘s writing has made Batman the top tier Bat title and one all the rest are compared to.  I’ve never been a huge Batman fan, but Snyder has won me over.  His writing is beyond amazing, and the art in this series is about as good as it gets.  This will be the storyline everyone will be talking about for a while, just so damn good.

  • Batman #9 – see above
  • Takio #1 – The all age series from Brian Michael Bendis goes monthly.  I dug the graphic novel, I’m psyched for the series.
  • Trio #1 – John Byrne’s latest super hero series has this great retro feel to it.
  • Higher Earth #1 – Out this week or next?  I’m not quite sure, but Sam Humphries’ series from BOOM! has buzz.
  • Scarlet Spider #5 – I’ve never been a big Spider-Man fan, so the fact this series has me interested is beyond impressive.
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