Just in time for that movie – Almighties Amass!

The enigmatic White Out has put together a dysfunctional bunch of heroes to take down ‘threats to America’ – sending them on missions that have comedic nods to all the big Marvel events of recent years – from Civil War to Fear Itself. But these aren’t your momma’s super-heroes and things aren’t quite as they seem…

“The Almighties brings together creations from myself and co-scripter Mike Gagnon,” says the comic’s other co-scripter Sam Johnson (creator of Geek-Girl and Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman). “But while that other super-team were the best that could be assembled, brought together to take on threats that no single hero could withstand – things are a little more…offbeat here.” Johnson continues, “The guy that hires them – White Out – is a little wacky, aided as he is by a lobotomized butler with a tray of Pimm’s – and he has a personal agenda. So there are factors at play in whom he’s amassed that don’t necessarily make for the most heroic of super-teams. For example, one of them – Nite Fang – whom Johnson & Gagnon bill as ‘our Hulk’ – is a cocky British punk/werewolf who’s here purely for the pay check; another Mason – is a borderline-psycho merc, and another – Stefanos – billed as ‘our Wolverine’ – is seemingly just a guy that runs a kebab shop – armed with his donor kebab on a skewer!

Not all members of the team are total misfits, though, Johnson and Gagnon bill their field leader – Maxi-Tron – and female member Ms. F – as ‘our Iron Man and Ms. Marvel.’ But like those heroes, these two are also flawed. Only more so.

Johnson fills us in: “Maxi has Tony Stark’s ego dialed up to 11 and is more self-centered than it’s healthy to be when your life and the lives of your team-mates are on the line, and Ms. F has just broken free of her oppressive marriage and has anger issues coming out of that. Anger issues she’s gonna take out on crime!”

“This comic has been created by a talented group of creators who are also big comic book fans,” adds co-scripter Mike Gagnon. “It’s all done in good natured humor, and with all the dark and serious stories being told in comic books, I think this book is important because it reminds people that comics can be fun.”

With the motley crew amassed, you can expect offbeat action, adventure, comedy, testicular cancer, Nazi Robots, and plenty more – all illustrated by hot team of up-and-coming artists Eleonora Kortsarz, Pablo Zambrano and D.C. White –  in The Almighties #1; out now in regular edition and limited Avengers-movie-poster-parody variant editions; 32 pages, full color, rated Teen+, $3.99 – published by Actuality Press and available to purchase at www.thealmighties.com