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Preview – The Longhunters #3

The Longhunters #3

Earthbound is excited to have one of its flagship books The Longhunters, back this month.

Even more amazing is the fact that this issue has a knock-out cover by none other than Cedric Nocon (X-Men, Supreme, Young Blood, The Darkness) with colors by Chuck Michael Obach.

The Longhunters #3 presents two all new stories featuring Tom Straw, the Sleepbringer.

First, longtime The Longhunters writer, Buck Weiss and Shots Fired artist: Ruth Garcia bring us “Voices of The Dead,” a story about the price of past sins and the trespass of the European featuring Tom Straw wandering the Midwest United States after his transformation to Sleepbringer!

Also, this issue is a story of loss and regret by The Longhunters creator Ben Ferrari handling story and art duties. “Guilt Kills” is set a few years in the future, offering a glimpse of Tom in China!

Ben Ferrari also gives us a rare glimpse at pinups and art from the early days of Tom Straw and the rest of The Longhunters. This is one issue that is not to be missed.

Infused with political, social and anti-imperialist commentary, The Longhunters is the story of a group of mountain men wandering the untamed North American landscape of the early 1800’s! The Longhunters sets itself apart from the normal Superhero, Western and Sci-Fi genres, and makes it’s mark as one of the few Frontier books on the stands and easily one of the best.

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