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Alison Bechdel Name Checked in Virginia Protest

Virginia Republicans have been focusing on women WAY more than they should telling women and their doctors what should and shouldn’t be done to their bodies.  Many of those involved are men like State Senator and Republican Caucus Chairman Ryan McDougle who represents the Mechanicsville area.  A protest of sorts have kicked off (with hilarity) on his Facebook page where people are asking the State Senator for medical advice involving their lady parts.  But, what’s the connection to comics?

One protestor who identifies herself as a “really fat and hairy lesbian” name checks well known comic creator Alison Bechdel.  Bechdel might be best known for her long-running comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For and her graphic memoir Fun Home.  Check out the post below which has since been taken down.

The issue of women’s rights and trans-vaginal ultrasounds has hit closer to the comics community with the recent censorship and aborting of this week’s Doonesbury by many newspapers.

(via Blue Virginia)

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