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John Carter Comes in Second

Disney’s hopeful blockbuster John Carter came in second this weekend earning $30.6 million in the US and $70 million overseas.  It’ll be a tough battle for the $250 million adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom novel A Princess of Mars to make back it’s budget.  The audience gave the movie a solid “B+” CinemaScore.

The audience for John Carter was mostly male, 63%, and older, 59% of the crowd over 25. 8% of the audience was there because of the film’s star Taylor Kitsch who has two more movies debuting this year including the high profile Battleship.

The blame game has already started over the movie as to it’s failure, but the movie was plagued with issues before it’s debut. Tracking was poor leading to a schizophrenic ad campaign and testing lead the title to change from John Carter of Mars to the generic John Carter.  What’s interesting is this site has seen a big increase in searches for comic book related material….

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