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Sparko by Karl Stephan

In London, hitting rock bottom isn”t all it”s cracked up to be. Indeed, when  Norman gets stabbed and thrown in the Thames, little does he know that he would soon be taking a bad trip through a subterranean nightmare jungle, writhing with curious creatures and ectoplasmic manifestations (GHOSTS, stupid!). It is here that he will be forced to confront the truth about his girlfriend”s untimely death and unravel the mystery of the river Thames. Luckily he has a friend in the pick-pocketing Belle, who keeps him ahead of carnivorous spectres, killer Chihuahuas, and black-clad goblins in guyliner.

Sparko is an offbeat urban fantasy, a nightmarish ride through the collective unconscious of the world”s glummest city; Sparko is pop psychosis, a story about love”s shadow; Sparko is a comedy; Sparko is a tragedy; Sparko is Neverwhere with Tourette”s! Go off the deep end with it!

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