Pick of the Week – The Walking Dead #94

Just when you think Kirkman can’t come up with anything new, he does something that throws you for a loop when it comes to The Walking Dead.  Of course there’s other survivors, but what is this new world they’re promising and why does it seem too good to be true?  It’s been years of surviving up to this point with lots of false starts as to the rebuilding of society, but it looks like we might be moving onto a new phase of the series and seeing what that rebuilding looks like.

  • The Walking Dead #94 – see above.
  • PIGS #6 – The brilliant series about KGB agents on a mission continues as the team is tasked with killing a prison inmate.  I’ve read the issue, it’s awesome.
  • Ultimate Comics X-Men #8 – The fact that I’m loving the Ultimate universe more than the 616 Marvel says everything.
  • Ralph Wiggum #1 – I could watch an entire show featuring Ralph.  A comic featuring him is a no-brainer.
  • The Cape #4 – The series is twisted and fun, but right now it’s balancing between psychological thriller and silly super hero mass killing camp.  Here’s hoping it sticks to the former.