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Deadhorse Goes Pay What You Want

Over at his blog Eric Grissom one of the folks behind the comic series Deadhorse debates what the comic should be sold for.

…when so much of the content is available for free, and I’m not talking about piracy here, but artists who literally give it away under the pretense that eventually all will be made right, what does that do to the value of our work?  What does that do to the value of your work?

The man has a point and he’s come to the conclusion.

There are readers that might love the book, but would never buy it.  Whatever their reason, be it financial or otherwise, I want to make sure the book is available for them.  If they choose to follow this mystery until its conclusion – I’d love to have them.  On the other side of the coin, there are readers that would be willing to pay for our hard work. People that value the long hours that we poured into each and every panel.  People who would like to support the book and maybe even help carry some of the folks who can’t.   They should have that option.

So, going forward, comics of his bought at will now be “pay what you want” though comics on will be the normal price.  You have to respect and praise a comic creator who is willing to shake things up a bit and try anything and everything to make it.  In an industry struggling to find it’s way in the digital world, it’s great to see folks try new things and see what works.

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