Arcana Comics – April 2012 Releases

VANCOUVER (February 14, 2012) – Welcome to another monthly newsletter from Arcana Comics! We’re positively bubbling with excitement here today since there is just so much going on! It starts off by glancing left here at the amazing cover of The Intrinsic Free Comic Book Day Edition. We are astounded at the positive reception to our FCBD entry for this year and look forward to people having a chance to see the final product in just under three months!

The Intrinsic FCBD Edition is the first issue in a four issue mini-series featuring the thousands of characters from the Arcanaverse! This is Arcana’s first company-wide crossover and we can’t wait!

There are a few other changes going on for Arcana as well! First off, we have completely re-done our web site! Head over to and check out the new site and browse around. Everything is polished up, easier to navigate, and, we hope, someplace you will head to again and again to read up on our latest news and releases.

You may have heard a few days ago, also, that we are working with Benderspink, the production team behind some of the best movies around the last decade (HANGOVER, I AM NUMBER FOUR, THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT, and many others). Well, we’re doing a TON behind the scenes to get these projects moving and look forward to sharing more as time goes on. If you missed the release on that, you can read it by clicking here.

And last, but not least, are some new solicitations with previews and a feature we’re going to call Arcana Primers. Our goal is to re-introduce you to some of our amazing characters at Arcana. Some you may have missed when they came out, while others maybe you were curious about, but never picked up. Well, here’s your chance! All of these books are still available through DIAMOND (their codes are listed with them) and through the new and improved Arcana Store.


First issue in a four issue mini-series. Horrors from different worlds have assembled to bring about a global threat known only as The End. A Philosopher has recognized the signs in time to gather his own forces for Good – including an ordinary, powerless young woman. Only together can they avert disaster on a biblical scale. Every last one of them… is Intrinsic. ‘Intrinsic’ is a company crossover event bringing together characters from hundres of titles beneath Arcana’s library. It is an event of unprecedented ambition, unlike anything that has been before. This is Arcana’s first company-wide crossover featuring the thousands of characters from the Arcanaverse. RELEASING ON MAY 5, 2012.

DIAMOND FEB120737 / ISBN 978-1-926914-76-3
1892. Siberia. Kade has found Lucifer and he’s become the leader of a tribe of Cossacks. Kade uncovers him as a demon, but Lucifer has set a trap and the Cossack tribe make a sport of hunting him across the Siberian steppe. 1941. Making his way through masses of fleeing refugees and a retreating Soviet army, Kade learns they’re being driven away by a Panzer division commanded by Lucifer in the guise of an SS General. Demons! Nazis! An army of the dead marching under the swastika! Kade is knee deep in the middle of this madness and is once again on the hunt! NOTE: Not available in Germany.

DIAMOND FEB120738 / ISBN 978-1-926914-83-1
One good cop struggles with visions of his family’s murder– the killer’s memories– courtesy of a memory device sold on every street corner. Desperate to move on, the last thing Detective Sean Simms wants is time to think. But he only needs one second to be taken right back to it– he only needs one Red Light.

DIAMOND FEB120739 / ISBN 978-1-926914-85-5
In 2012 cancer is on the rise and when world renowned scientist Lance Truman’s cure backfires, an escaped test subject of his, along with two lost and confused orphans travel the country to undo all the damage Truman’s cure has created.

DIAMOND FEB120740 / ISBN 978-1-926914-87-9
Take one state of the art fully armed sentient military attack robot, let it go rogue, then set the US army and more robots after it. And let it happen in down town USA. If things get bad, have it kidnap a child and see if you can stop her parents blowing the operation wide open to the media.


With the coming of Intrinsic on Free Comic Book Day this year, we thought we’d start our primers out with the core group of Intrinsic, Kade, Kore, Candice Crow, and Philosopher Rex. These four books are still readily available and are self-contained stories. Characters such as Kade have multiple books out following the characters exploits through different eras and places (all full-contained stories), while the others are single books with the characters being revisited in the pages of Intrinsic, starting in May.

DIAMOND MAR100697 / ISBN 978-1-897548-62-2

Kade is the enigmatic warrior who embarks on an adventure to remove the Dark Veil and the demon behind the darkness. Kade must uncover the secrets of the Black Sun while struggling with his physical limitations and his concept of being a hero. The Kade trade paperback collects five issues and features over 120 pages of story, as well as behind the scenes pictures, cover gallery and commentary from Sean O’Reilly. Exclusive to the trade is the never before published origin of Kade…

DIAMOND DEC100732 / ISBN 978-1-926914-13-8

When down on his luck slacker Alex Crane decides to steal ancient relics from his local museum to pay off gambling debts, he suddenly finds himself on the run from powerful magical forces. Transformed into the monstrous Mantikore, Alex is taken to Abaddon: A fantasy world where magic has run dry, and elves, dwarves, fairies and goblins live in a modern society. Alex must quickly acclimate himself to his environment, or fall prey to the wizard who wants his powers.

DIAMOND AUG100757 / ISBN 978-1-926914-06-0

For the last six months my life has been sliding out of control, but even in my worst dreams I’d never imagined that it could get this bad. My father’s a drunk. My boyfriend’s a selfish pig. And a week ago, my best friend “committed” suicide. To top it all off, I have to climb into some weird freakin’ suit every few hours to keep from looking like a reject from Dawn of the Dead. My name’s Candice Crowe. Welcome to my messed-up life. Candice Crowe’s just your average American teenager until the death of her mother and the stress of her best friend’s alleged suicide causes her previously dormant powers to surface. Telepathy. Telekinesis. Extreme strength and agility. Everything a girl could ask for, really. Gifts like these always come with a price, however, and for Candice it means she’s forced to wear a special suit every few hours to keep her skin from necrotizing from the inside out. Still, she’s determined not to let that put a damper on either her love life or her dreams of being a rockstar. But first, Candice intends to find out what happened to her best friend, Claire, and heaven help anyone who gets in her way.

DIAMOND JUN100743 / ISBN 978-1-897548-02-8

In the dark hills of West Virginia a power is growing. Dr. Ishmael Stone and his crew go to investigate the series of killings that have been occurring within and around the mines of the small town. There they find a fading community searching for life and the sad, angry Lloyd Canby. Stone begins to realize he is dealing with more than the normal case.

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