Meet Sensational G-Girl Artist Gaetano Petrigno

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Come this March, when Heroic Publishing’s newest superheroine, the sensational G-Girl, makes her long-awaited debut in the pages of the 55th issue of Heroic’s flagship Champions title, she’ll be drawn in the clean, crisp style of the talented Italian artist, Gaetano Petrigno. Since this is a name that may be unfamiliar to American fans, we asked Gaetano to tell us a bit about himself. Take it away, Gaetano.

I studied at the Italin School of Comics, and am at the moment working on the comic book “Sensational G-Girl.” I am also collaborating as an inker on the Red Whale publication, “Pop Pixie”.

My work has been published in the Italian comic book, “Sangue e Pizzo Nero,” with a story written by Francesca Paolucci. Moreover, I worked with Enrico Teodorani on the publication, “Adios Djustine.”

The majority of my work has been as an inker for several Italian authors such as Aurelio Mazzara (Bluejaye) and Quirino Calderone (Maschere).

Now I am hoping to make it in the American market, and to continue my carrer as a comic book artist.

Plans are for Gaetano’s work on the G-Girl to appear regularly in the pages of Champions, giving fans bonus adventures of America’s newest costumed heroine in addition to the G-Girl stories that will appear in her own magazine. Gaetano’s G-Girl adventures are currently slated to appear in Champions #55, 58, 60, and 62, with a principal focus less on knock-down, drag-out fights with super-villains, more on the personal stories. The G-Girl stories you’ll see in Champions will be all about the trials and tribulations of a teenaged girl with super-powers trying to adjust to the profound changes in her life that this peculiar new circumstance of being a superheroine has caused.

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