Dear Marvel, Stop Supporting #SOPA and #PIPA

I’ve been pretty damn outspoken when it comes to the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act, truly believing it’s going to have a chilling result on the internet including erroneous website seizures.  Marvel Entertainment (along with their parent company Disney) are in favor of the legislation.

I’ve gone through the reasons to not support the legislation and started to track where the various websites, creators and publishers stand.  Well, now it’s time for action.

Along with Thwipster, Graphic Policy has teamed up to launch Dear Marvel.”  A initial step in getting comic book fans to show their displeasure with Marvel’s stance.  You can read Thwipster’s stance and we fully back their point that being against SOPA and PIPA doesn’t mean that you’re pro-piracy.

A more robust action center is coming from Graphic Policy where this particular action will take center stage but there’ll be more ways to get involved.

Take a moment, sign the petition and make sure to spread the word.

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