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One Year for Pirating X-Men Origins: Wolverine

So what will pirating a movie get you?  How about one year in federal prison.  Gilberto Sanchez pleaded guilty in March to one count of “uploading a copyrighted work being prepared for commercial distribution,” that movie being X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  United States District Judge Margaret M. Morrow described the offense as “extremely serious.”  In addition to the one year federal prison sentence, the judge sentenced Sanchez to a year of supervised release and has also imposed “numerous computer restrictions.”

Sanchez purchased the movie on a street corner and uploaded that copy.  The street vendor has not been caught or prosecuted.

Despite the leak and bad word of mouth, the movie earned $85 million it’s opening weekend and was in first place. It went on to gross $370 million worldwide.  The movie saw a steep second week drop of 69% in it’s gross showing the bad word of mouth killed it’s earnings.

I’m guessing the judge and prosecutors didn’t read the report that says piracy actually helps sales….

Good luck Sanchez in not getting picked on when the other inmates find out what you’re in jail for.


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