Arcana Comics’ December Pre-Orders & News

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ARCANA COMICS’ Pre-Orders and News – December 2011

VANCOUVER (Nov 18, 2011)Arcana Comics welcomes you to another month of new releases and news! Please remember that all Pre-Orders are Diamond and we’re in the final days of ordering from the November Previews, so if there are any books that pique your interest, be sure to ask you local comic shop to order them. If you’re a store, give Arcana Comics a try! Besides that, we’re taking a look at Ralph Filmore: Paranormal Investigatorwith creator Roger Raymond.

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Below are books being solicited for pre-order in the latest Diamond Previews Magazine. Take the information below to your stores and ask them to carry Arcana!

HEAVENS ECHO SC – DEC110798 / ISBN: 978-1-897548-94-3
Will those with selfish interests ignore their personal quests to fight for a greater good? Is humanity even worth saving? Take a unique look at a world with superheroes through the eyes of writer Siike Donnelly (Rhino) as he explores what it would take to be a hero in today’s day and age, in OUR world. Project Link

HYPER ACTIVES GN – DEC110799 / ISBN: 978-1-897548-71-4
(W) Darin Wagner (A/CA) Andrew Dalhouse, Clint Hilinski Eddie Ellison, a high school student, joins the team as Silverwing and the team dynamics quickly shift. Jealousy and betrayal start to emerge and one of the team members dies. Will this bring the team together or will the tragedy tear this young team apart? SRP: $14.95 Project Link

KILLING MACHINE GN – DEC110800 / ISBN: 978-1-926914-00-8
(W) Scott Milam (A/CA) Kenneth Loh Franklyn J. Hurt, an undercover agent for the Global Crime Task Force, is sent to infiltrate the criminal organization only known as “The Syndicate Six.” When his cover is blown, his wife taken, his daughter murdered before his eyes, Frank wakes up barely a man; a torso with an unrecognizable face, hanging in a warehouse and used as an example for those who betray The Synidicate Six. Rescued by Special Forces, Frank’s body is taken to a secret installation where he is given the bionic treatment. Frank goes rogue to find his missing wife and seek revenge for the murder of his daughter using his new cybernetic body! SC, 7×10, 100pgs, FC SRP: $14.95 Project Link

REDNECK KINGS GN – DEC110801 / ISBN: 978-1-926914-82-4
The FBI sends over one of their Agents to investigate a small Texas town’s local justice system. As the Agent begins to uncover the town’s secret he realizes it might cost him his life. Project Link

ROMEROS REQUIEM GN – DEC110802 / ISBN: 978-1-926914-62-6
(W) Jaime Collado (A/CA) Fernando Vicente From the gin-soaked darkness of Necro York emerges Ian Shoot, a film noir-esque secret agent with an orphaned past shot full o’ bullets and gorgeous dames who just won’t stay in their graves. Ian lives for the moment — and those moments are running out. Caught in a web of double-crossed deceit with rogue agents on his shadow, Shoot’s last-shot redemption lays with Silk, a sensuous femme fatale who melts his Humphrey Bogart tough-guy shell. Together they must discover the key to bringing down Extortion, Inc. — the mysterious criminal syndicate masterminded by the phantom-masked industrialist Romero. MATURE THEMES SC, 52pgs, FC SRP: $9.95 Project Link

SCIONIC GN – DEC110803 / ISBN: 978-1-926914-40-4
(W) Philip Daay (A/CA) Victor Castro Theophilus embodies the archetypal noble warrior. When the lines are clear in a just cause, he fights as your greatest champion. But, life rarely remains clear. Theophilus refuses to believe that breeding and sacrificing innocent children is necessary for his race’s survival. Unfortunately, his president and former military colleagues believe otherwise, and both sides are about to put the force of their convictions to the ultimate test. SC, 93pgs, FC SRP: $14.95 Project Link

SIDESHOWS GN – DEC110804 / ISBN: 978-1-926914-51-0
(W) Erik W. Hendrix (A/CA) Michael David Nelsen In 1950’s Las Vegas, the Mob enlisted former circus attractions as their aces in the hole. These SideShows had a little secret — they really did have the abilities they pretended to. The Rat Pack was in their prime, the bartenders knew your name, and the same guy who comped your rooms could put a hit on your for stiffing him a tip. High rollers, lounge singers, cigarettes, alcohol, and superpowers. Welcome to Las Vegas. SC, 77pgs, FC SRP: $9.95 Project Link

STERLING GN – DEC110805 / ISBN: 978-1-926914-46-6
(W) Joshua Gorfain (A/CA) J. C. Grande For Jack Sterling, life is an unending bore of working for the neighborhood print shop punctuated by the occasional bar fight and the verbal sparring with his ex-girlfriend Becky. When the body of defeated vigilante, Phantom Gazer, is thrown through his window, Jack stumbles into his life-long dream of being a superhero. Taking the helmet that gave Phantom Gazer his powers, Jack also takes up the fallen hero’s quest of defeating his killer, the criminal overlord Lord Dragon. SC, 90pgs, FC SRP: $14.95 Project Link


This month, we’re going to visit with the creator of Ralph Filmore: Paranormal Investigator, Roger Raymond, to learn a little more about the book AND give an extended preview of the book, out now!


Ralph Filmore: Paranormal Investigator is an Arcana release that’s definitely kid friendly, but that certainly doesn’t mean comic lovers of any age won’t appreciate it. The creator of the book, Roger Raymond, gave us a little glimpse into the book recently, so we wanted to share it with you!

ARCANA: What makes the book special?

ROGER RAYMOND: Ralph Filmore is about a kid who’s so obsessed with monsters and the supernatural; he spies on his next door neighbors who he suspects to be vampires. When his wild obsession for paranormal phenomena gets him into heaps of trouble, he finds himself grounded from Halloween. He soon learns that long forgotten evil is accidentally released from over 300 years of banishment. The vengeful magician, Mortimer Bain is turning the townsfolk of Hollow Creek into hideous zombie creatures. Disobeying his mom’s orders to stay in his room, Ralph sneaks out and finds more trouble.

What makes this book special is its ability to go much further than a graphic novel. The idea for this book couldn’t be a better match for a live action or 3D animated film. It’s so suited for it.

ARCANA: Tell us about the cast of characters in RF.

ROGER: Ralph is joined by Wayne Booker who’s been his best friend since Ralph moved to Hollow Creek. Although he’s the school’s sports jock, Booker loves adventure. He lives for Ralph’s crazy schemes because they always lead to something exciting. With his gung ho athletic ability, Booker excels in surviving sticky situations and is never without a witty remark for any circumstance.

Specter is Ralph’s wisecracking sidekick, “everyone’s favorite canine spook”. This little ghost dog is an ecto-plasmic ball of pure paranoia. This stems from his ironic fear of other ghosts and monsters. When things get a little dull in Hollow Creek, you can always count on Specter to keep things interesting.

Middle school can be a tough place. Even for a vampire. Born a descendant of Dracula, Tavika Drake is goth and is one of Ralph’s closest friends. Although she keeps her vampire heritage a secret from all but Ralph and Booker, she’s known by her peers as “the weird girl”. Tav hates being part of a crowd and often refrains from social activities. At times she can be bossy and somewhat self-righteous. Tav brings brains and mental-might to their spook filled missions and is often the one to calm things down and take control of chaotic situations.

Z will follow Ralph wherever he leads, even on his wacky and wild investigations, Z is quite the robotic assistant. He can transform into a whole slew of useful tools, vehicles and weapons. More so, he can provide Ralph with valuable information and even do homework. This cybernetic supercomputer was a gift to Ralph from his inventor father before his mysterious disappearance and is now a constant and loyal companion, who would never be left behind.

ARCANA: Where did you get the original idea for the book?

ROGER: Where did you get the original idea for the book?

The original idea came from the childhood imaginations of me and co-creator and also best friend, Darryl Savoy. We would sneak into the old abandoned houses in the neighborhood for adventure in hopes to see a real ghost. Unfortunately, we never saw one. Years and years later while doodling at work, I thought it would be cool to recreate our adventures into a comic book.

ARCANA: Who should like this book?

ROGER: I think kids of all ages will embrace and enjoy Ralph Filmore. The older audience will also see it as being pretty cool.

Ralph Filmore combines kids’ favorite elements such as comedy, action, cools gadgets and monsters.

ARCANA: What’s next for Ralph?

ROGER: Most definitely another book will be on the way. A TV series is already in the works. We’ve also been communicating with a video game developer about a possible Ralph Filmore game for Wii, X Box and PS3 game platforms. I’ve also started plotting ideas for a feature film.

Diamond code: APR110775
ISBN: 978-1-926914-31-2
Arcana Project Site:
DESCRIPTION: Ralph Filmore is just your average, everyday, 12 year old Paranormal Investigator. He hunts down and challenges all things strange and bizarre on a daily basis despite being the shortest kid in 7th grade, getting picked on by bullies, and still having to be in bed by 9PM. Ralph’s serious obsession for paranormal phenomena gets him into heaps of trouble, but with his best friend/partner in slime, Booker, his trusty robotic supercomputer, Z and his ghostly canine companion, Specter, Ralph protects the people of Earth from extraterrestrial and supernatural threats.







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