Around the Tubes

It’s Friday, Friday…. yeah and oldie but goodie.  While you’re counting down the minutes until you’re done with work, here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

Bleeding Cool – Diesel DC Boxer Shorts Licence Is HilariousSo funny they’re all sold out…

Comicvine – Ron Marz On How To Write A Strong Female CharacterHe’s done some amazing stuff with Witchblade.

Fantagraphics Books – J. Edgar Pogo – J. Edgar Hoover’s connection to comics is fascinating stuff.

ICv2 – Stan Lee Urges Fans to ‘Shift Their Gift’Give until it hurts people!

DC Women Kicking Ass – WB announces theaters for The Dark Knight Rises prologue – I’m there.


Around the Tubes Reviews:

The Herts Advertiser – Fevre Dream

CBR – Spaceman #2

IGN – Comic Book Reviews for 11/30/11

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