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Pick of the Week – Beronas War Vol 2: Fight for Amity

The pick of the week comes out of left field.  One of my favorite comics/graphic novels has been Beronas War Vol 2: Fight for Amity which is published by Archaia.  The series feels like a role playing game staring demented furry creatures.  It’s cute and fun and beyond entertaining.  The art is awesome and concept fantastic.  I came out of reading the first volume wanting a game based on this world, hopefully that’ll come true, but right now, this will do.

  • Beronas War Vol 2: Fight for Amity – see above
  • The Walking Dead #91 – The series has come back to it’s focus on the people and makes you wonder who is the greater threat, zombies or humans?  Almost 100 issues in, Robert Kirkman hasn’t slipped a bit.
  • Severed #4 – There’s a holy shit moment here.  Scott Snyder, you sick, sick puppy.
  • Jack Avarice is the Courier #3 – Coming out weekly from IDW the series is an all ages James Bond that’s tons of fun.
  • Ultimate Comics X-Men #3 – Hitting the right notes, the series focuses on the hatred humanity has towards mutants.  I’ve never been a fan of the Ultimate universe, but this series is just one of the few reasons I’m hooked now.
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