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Pick of the Week – Uncanny X-Force #17

Uncanny X-Force hasn’t just been one of the highlights of Marvel‘s “X” universe, it’s actually been a highlight for Marvel period.  The series has been focused on the rise of Apocalypse and Archangel’s role in that.  The team is getting it’s ass kicked and the action and art is amazing.  This will go down as a classic arc for the entire “X” line due to the look, epic story and great writing.  Out of all of the changes coming to the mutant side of the Marvel universe, I’m hoping this is one series that’s not changed, it doesn’t need it in any way, just beyond solid.

  • Uncanny X-Force #17 – See above.
  • PIGS #3 – The series has been fantastic in it’s first two issues and the mix of espionage, Cold War politics, Law & Order feel has been amazing.  The first issue had a shocking ending, the second issue was amazing and I’m expecting the same from the third.
  • Batwoman #3 – Some of the best art on the market, period.
  • Mega Man #7 – So much fun the comic has a great feel to it and is perfect for the entire family.
  • Rachel Rising #3 – I’m hooked.  I have no idea what to expect from this series that’s a bit zombie and horror and just so different.