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Around the Tubes

Oh, I was a bit busy yesterday, so lots of previews…. today, might not be better… But it’s new comic day!  Yay!

Around the Blogs

The Beat – Unemployed superheroes hit Occupy Wall StreetI love this for so many reasons.  It being a great comic that deserves so much more recognition is just the tip of the iceberg.

CBLDF – Join a Webinar on Comics & Manga Censorship with CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein – Support this organization!

Con Coverage:

CBR – Long Beach Comic Con 2011 Photo Parade

Around the Tubes Reviews:

IGN – Avengers Academy #21

MTV Geek – Avengers Academy #21

CBR – Daredevil #5

IGN – Uncanny X-Men #1

CBR – Uncanny X-Men #1

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