Review: The Fall: Vengeance & Justice #2

The Fall: Veangeance & Justice #2 CoverThe Fall: Vengeance & Justice #2 by PLB Comics is one of those series that’s easy to write off and overlook as its main character is so familiar.  But, by doing so, you’d be making a mistake.  Much like the first issue, the second shows off the talents of quite a few individuals.  The comic series is a series of shot stories centered on one character with this issue comprising of five parts.

Point of View is told from the perspective of The Fall as he goes on a mission of revenge against a racist who has committed murder.  The perspective is interesting and pretty well done.  It’s a twist that makes the story way more creative than the fairly straightforward revenge tale.

Running on Fumes just shows how much dedication The Fall puts into his mission.  The story goes on about all the physical issues he’s having as he forces himself to continue his fighting against crime.  Again, a pretty decent narrative twist.

Fatal Fortune involves a psychic reading for a criminal and an over the top description of The Fall.  This shows off the art more, which is a bit like Spawn, as if drawn by a fanboy.  Still, again it switches up what we see and adds another unique take to what could be monotonous stories.

Made to Kill has The Fall chasing down a murder and deciding to take justice into his own hands.

Drinking Tales involves various folks drinking telling tales of the mysterious hero.  Again, a different take on the character and storytelling that mixes it up.

The second issue is a solid continuation of the series that’s definitely worth picking up.  There’s some really great work here as far as story and art, well worth the purchase.

Story: Nathan Thomas Milliner, Josh Shockley Art: Nathan Thomas Milliner, Larry Crew, Nikkol Jelenic, Josh Shockley, Jim McMunn Publisher: PLB Comics

Story: 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy

PLB Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review