Pick of the Week – I, Vampire #2

Joshua Hale Fialkov was tasked with one of the more difficult tasks in the DCnU, take vampires and integrate them in a non-silly way to the DC universe.  A task made more difficult as out of the big two, DC is not the one I’d associate with vampires.  But, what Fialkov brilliantly did in the first issue of I, Vampire was give us a series that stands on it’s own two legs.  Vampires are just the dark mirror image to the titans that fly around in the DC world.  Their the step children who wonder why they haven’t inherited the Earth.  While his series will eventually weave into the main DCU, and it’ll be interesting to see if it’s dark tone fits, Fialkov has shown in one issue he knows what he’s doing.  I, Vampire was one of the highlights of it’s week’s release and one of the top books on all the 52 DC released.

  • I, Vampire #2 – See above
  • 27: Second Set #2 – It’s easy to promote the series due to how nice writer Charles Soule is, but in reality the series would stand on it’s own no matter.  It’s that damn good and original.  The first issue dialed back the mystical elements and focused on a star starting from scratch.  The human touch made it stand out as a second volume I could easily get behind.
  • Voodoo #2 – The first issue was caught up in the DC brouhaha, but I really enjoyed the series as it had a spy feel to it and I’m still unsure who the hero really is.
  • Wolverine and the X-Men #1 – Wolverine takes his crew and heads East to start a new academy to teach the future generations of mutants.  This is the first major launch in the “X” regenesis, here’s crossing my fingers it was worth it.
  • The Walking Dead #90 – Do I really need to say why this is a definite bet as a top read for the week?