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The New York Times Highlights Return Of Red Circle Heroes



When it comes to superheroes, why should Marvel and DC have all the fun? Archie Comics are reviving their classic heroes from the Red Circle imprint next spring with the launch of The New Crusaders, a team of superheroes which includes The Shield, the original patriotic hero. Ready to take on a new generation of readers, Archie is bringing them back in a new exciting way! The New York Times broke the story on this exciting development with Newsarama, Robot 6, AOL’s Comics Alliance, Bleeding Cool, ICV2 and The Beat jumping on the news as well.

Already a leader in the realm of the digital comics medium, Archie is now on the cusp of taking it to the next level with a brand-new digital comic book label. This enables Archie to not only spare printing costs in this bold endeavor but to also reach the widest audience possible. In addition to brand new tales, this digital initiative will also include a trove of material meant to enrich the reading experience for readers unfamiliar to the superhero team without the worry of bogging them down with decades old continuity. Similar to Netflix, Co-CEO Jon Goldwater says, “It will be a nominal monthly charge with access to new comics and thousands and thousands of pages from the archive.”

Giving new life to these heroes will be the Sonic/Mega Man team of writer Ian Flynn and artist Ben Bates. Staying true to Archie’s family friendly titles, this expansion into the superhero realm will keep a light tone in line with Archie’s previous action/adventure titles. “They are not going to be water-downed superheroes, but they are not going to be dark either,” says Goldwater.

Coming out of retirement in both their fictional world as well as the world of comics publishing, The New Crusaders are ready to take on the challenge of any villains that should cross their path as well as the digital comics market at large. Get ready for a new era of adventure starring the most dynamic superhero team to hit your monitor!

Don’t forget to read some of your favorite Archie comics digitally – download the Archie app!