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Pick of the Week – Animal Man #2

I hero who struggles with the spotlight and his role?  One who has to balance his being a hero and his wife and kids?  Plus that ending of the first issue!  Animal Man was one of the top series of DC’s new 52 and here’s hoping the second issue is just as strong as the first.  This is where we’ll start seeing what rises and what falls in the new DC universe and judging on that first issue and the reaction from others, this is one that’ll be going the distance.

  • Animal Man #2 – see above.
  • Swamp Thing #2 – Scott Snyder is one of the top writers out there today and this series shows off why.  The first issue was a slow burn, as is his style, but to get me interested in this character I’ve never cared about is impressive.
  • Last of the Greats #1 – Joshua Hale Fialkov is one of those rising writers and this series shows why. You can read my (very) early review here.
  • X-Men: Schism #5 – This final issue is it and from here we’ll see a major change in the “X” universe.
  • The Rinse #2 – I love noir comics and this comic from BOOM! Studios isn’t at the top of the pile when it comes to that, but it is solid and the fact it outright tells you the main character is up to no good is different enough to get me very interested.