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Preview – Executive Assistant: Violet #3

Official Press Release


Marc Andreyko – Story / Pop Mahn – Art / John Starr – Colors

“The Hit List Agenda” heats up for Executive Assistant: Violet!

The clutches of “The Hit List Agenda” begin to squeeze the life out of Executive Assistant Violet as she discovers the horrific means by which a power-hungry mogul will go to control her. However, Violet begins to show she possesses her own strength—in numbers—and the fight to survive will be a bloody one! The end is here as Violet decides the only way to survive is to kill her way out!

Aspen’s first ever Summer-spanning event, “The Hit List Agenda” continues right here in the pages of EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: VIOLET!

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: VIOLET #3 is in stores September 28th, 2011!