Pick of the Week – DMZ #69

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Brian Wood‘s brilliant series is coming to an end and it’s never been better.  The series is a fantastic reflection of the last decade filled with uncertainty and war.  There hasn’t been a better allegory for the world we live in and it also asked questions that so few journalists were willing to ask and so few of us were willing to discuss.  This is some of the best political commentary out there and when the series comes to an end, there’ll be a large gap out there.  DMZ #69 is the easy pick of the week.

  • DMZ #69 – See above.
  • Batman #1 – I’ve gushed over Scott Snyder’s writing and add in Greg Capullo’s art you’ve got a must buy.
  • X-Men: Schism #4 – The X-Men are getting back to form and this series shakes up what’s been a pretty bland line of late.
  • Daredevil #4 – Mark Waid has been knocking it out of the park with this series that brings Daredevil back to his roots with some fantastic pulp fun.
  • Green Hornet #18 – Kevin Smith made me give a crap about the character and Phil Hester took over the reigns to get me excited.  The series hits the notes it should and like Daredevil is pure pulp fun.