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The 30 Characters Challenge is Back!

Official Press Release

2011 30 Characters Challenge

Registration for the third annual 30 Characters Challenge is now open!

The 30 Characters Challenge is an annual online creative challenge to create 30 characters in just 30 days, one for every day in the month of November.  In just two weeks of enrollment, more than 90 creators have already signed on for this year’s challenge, a pace that will shatter last year’s numbers.

Last year’s challenge was a resounding success:

– 150 creators signed on for the challenge, and 35 successfully completed it.
– Approximately 1,800 new characters were created last year.
– The site generated 74,000 page views last November, with more than 20,000 unique visitors.
– Since then, an additional 10,000 visitors registered some 25,000 page views.
– Character posts generated more than 2600 comments…100% of them positive/supportive.
– At least a dozen creators participated in the challenge outside of the site, including members of the Art + Story forums.

– The Challenge generated coverage across a wide spectrum of prominent comics news sites and blogs.
The 30 Characters Challenge was one of the examples cited in New York Times best-selling author Seth Godin’s book Tales of the Revolution: True Stories of People who are Poking the Box and Making a Difference“, which was in the top 10 of Amazon Kindle downloads for weeks.

Though, last year’s challenge was big.  Is there any doubt this year’s will be even bigger? 

Please consider sharing information about the 30 Characters Challenge with your readership.  #30Characters is an open and inclusive online event, free to any and all creatives.

If you have questions or would like to interview #30Characters creator and organizer Tyler James, please contact him at

Register for the 2011 30 Characters Challenge!

The 30 Characters Challenge is Back!

The Challenge: Create 30 new characters in 30 days- one for every day of the month of November.

Why: Because the world still needs new characters.

When: Starting November 1st, 2011.

Where: Right here on at

How to Register: Simply sign up here with your name and email address to be added to the 30 Characters 2011 Challengers Roster.

Returning Challengers: If you participated in the 30 Characters Challenge last year and would like to take part again this year, leave a note in the comments section below, or send an email to confirming participation.

Stay Connected and Spread the Word:

– Follow the hashtag #30characters on Twitter for the latest information on the 30 Characters Challenge!

– Like the 30 Characters Challenge Facebook page!

– Keep an eye on your inbox for weekly 30 Characters Challenge updates!

– Grab one or more of the approved 30 Characters Challenge Banners, and post on your website.  Or better yet, create your own!

Have questions about the challenge? Be sure to read our FAQ, for everything you could possibly want to know about #30Characters.

The 30 Characters Challenge is an annual event brought to you by