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Archie Comics First Look: Life With Archie #13

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Dilton’s doctoral thesis reveals the existence of an infinite number of parallel realities while Archie’s reality is slowly crumbling around him. Veronica leaves him to find someone more suitable and Jughead finally finds a way to balance work at the Chocklit Shoppe and his marriage to Midge. An exonerated Reggie begins to think of his future, and it seems to include Betty! In “Archie Loves Betty,” Archie finds comfort in teaching and scouting musical talent for Ambrose’s club, the Chowhouse. All the while, Hiram Lodge’s world is dark when Veronica’s plane to their Paris office goes missing, allowing Fred Mirth to continue his dastardly scheme to take over Lodge Industries. Will Mr. Lodge mobilize fast enough to save his company, his daughter, and maybe the world?

SCRIPT: Craig Boldman

ARTIST: Rex Lindsey

COVER: Norm Breyfogle

Shipping Date: 8/31/2011

On Sale at Comic Shops: 9/14/2011

Newsstands: Week of 9/20/2011

Comic, pgs, lb. glossy stock, Full-Color

$3.99 US
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