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Radical Publishing Releases Driver for the Dead in Trade Paperback

Official Press Release

Radical Publishing Releases Driver for the Dead in Trade Paperback

September 13, 2011, Los Angeles, CA—Radical Publishing is thrilled to announce the release of the entire Driver for the Dead miniseries, now collected in trade paperback edition for the first time, this Wednesday, September 14, 2011. This new edition contains the entire three-issue miniseries along with interviews and extra features, including exclusive character and concept art, from the book’s writer and artist.

Written by John Heffernan and illustrated by Leonardo Manco (Hellblazer), Driver for the Dead is a rollicking adventure through the heart of the Deep South. The series follows Alabaster Graves, a special driver whose task it is to transport the dead to their final resting places; specifically, the dead no one else could handle. Vampires, zombies and the supernatural at large are Graves’ specialty, and with a veritable arsenal of weapons and a souped-up hearse called “Black Betty,” he is well equipped to deal with trouble. So when a much-beloved voodoo priest, Moses Freeman, is killed, Graves is called to ensure the body reaches its grave safely—and stays there. Accompanied by Freeman’s granddaughter, Graves embarks on a mission to transport Freeman’s body from Shreveport, Louisiana to New Orleans; however, unbeknownst to Graves, Fallow, an evil necromancer whose powers come from stolen body parts, has set his sights on the corpse of the powerful voodoo priest—and he
will stop at nothing to get it.

You can learn more about Driver for the Dead through Radical’s website (radicalpublishing.com/titles/driver-for-the-dead/), R News features (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1bRRO_ol1U), or video trailers (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xzcgWod7sI). Be sure to keep up with us on Facebook (facebook.com/radicalpublishing), Twitter (twitter.com/radicalcomics) or YouTube (youtube.com/radicalpublishing)!

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