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Jamie Smart Presents Find Chaffy and other new SLG arrivals and releases

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Arsenic Lullaby – $24.99
Loserville – Digital Downloads. Issue #1 is FREE in all formats.
If you love Jamie Smart as much as we do then you are going to want to get his new book Find Chaffy. Published by some other outfit, FInd Chaffy is not the foul-mouthed spewing of possessed animals, but a fund frolic for kids and people who just cannot get enough of Jamie Smart.
For those of you who like their comics in digital fashion, we have begun to release individual chapters of Loserville by Alex Cox. Issue #1 is FREE. I am rarely wrong about this kind of thing so believe me when I tell you that ALex is the next big thing out there on the horizon. He fits right in with Jhonen Vasquez and Jamie Smart in terms of his sense of humor. While the visual styling may be different the general vibe is the same. Plus, a ton of heart, so check it out.
Find Chaffy

Before solving the mystery that’s posed in this very unusual picture-packed book, kids will want to know that Chaffies are white and round, with smiling faces. Chaffies have only one and a half ears–the result of a lawnmower accident–and they aren’t very intelligent. Ten silly Chaffies have wandered off into the big, wide world, and have become totally lost. Boys and girls who open this book must find them.

Our Price: $ 6.99
List Price:$7.99