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Review – The Last of the Greats #1

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The Last of the Greats #1 CoverJoshua Hale Fialkov is having a solid year.  He’s been tapped to be part of DCnU with I, Vampire and his limited series published by Top Cow, Echoes has been praised.  This October sees the release of his newest series published from Image comics, The Last of the Greats which features art by Brent Peeples.

The series is Fialkov’s attempt to examine what would happen if real super beings landed in the real world.  In an interview with CBR he described the series and characters like this:

The Greats were beautiful giants about 10 feet tall.  They each took on the nationalities and cultures of their continents, and they set about doing everything in their power to remake the world into a Garden of Eden, which was the problem. They gave us what we wanted. Peace and happiness. They made us all equal, they erased things like poverty and wealth and borders and property ownership and illness and made us all truly equal, and we hated them for it. As soon as we found a weakness in them, we took advantage of it and we wiped them out.

The entire first issue deals with the last of the super beings and the team who dealt with it’s brothers and sisters.  They’re there to convince him to protect the world which is under siege by unknown aliens, unfortunately, the super being is a bit of a dick.

It’s an interesting concept and there’s a twist at the end which makes it stand a part.  I really like Fialkov’s look not at how super beings would act, but how humans would act to towards them.  It’s a very clear vision as to human nature and interesting focus on that.

It’s just one issue, but it’s enough I want to check out more and see if Fialkov has another hit on his hand, but after these few issues, it looks like he does.

Story: 8.5 Art: 8 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Buy

Story: Joshua Hale Fialkov Art: Brent Peeples

Publisher: Image Comics Cost: $3.99 Release Date: October

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.

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