Pick of the Week – Severed #1

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Scott Snyder has been kicking ass lately, especially with his work on American Vampire (I haven’t been reading his take on Batman).  This week sees a new series by the hot upcoming writer when Image comics releases Severed #1.  The blurb is a bit vague, but it seems like we can expect another horror series.  Snyder’s writing it?  Yes please!  My prediction is this series is going to be hot and blow up and I’m betting it’s the pick of the week.

  1. Severed #1 – see above
  2. Flashpoint #4 – Do I need to explain the reason for this one?  It’s the second to last issue of the mini-series event that’ll forever change the DC universe.
  3. The Punisher #1 – The Punisher is back!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Written by Rick Remender, this series should kick ass.
  4. Petrograd – A graphic novel set during the first World War with a British spy tasked with killing the Tsarina’s adviser.  Um, sounds awesome to me.
  5. Irredeemable #28 – Mark Waid has been kicking ass in this series and with Plutonian returning back to Earth, who knows what’s going to happen next.
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