Top Shelf’s Kids Club family is about to get bigger!

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Top Shelf ProductsTop Shelf’s KIDS CLUB family is about to get bigger!

Coming in September, and available now for pre-order in the current Diamond PREVIEWS catalog, are two new adventures in the beloved all-ages graphic novel series KORGI by Christian Slade, and DRAGON PUNCHER by James Kochalka!

by Christian Slade

— ISBN 978-1-60309-062-9 (Diamond JUL11-1240)
— 6.5″ x 8.5″ softcover graphic novel with French flaps
— 96 pages
— $9.95 (US)

One of our most-requested books, KORGI (BOOK 3): A HOLLOW BEGINNING continues Christian Slade’s wordless fantasy saga, as Ivy and Sprout investigate the mysterious shard of stained glass they discovered in BOOK 2. With help from their friends, they’ll discover the stunning secret history of their magical home… but danger awaits them as well! To escape will take all the courage this girl and her pup can muster. Don’t miss this adventure, presented with the beautiful visual storytelling technique that’s made Christian Slade’s KORGI a bona fide hit!

by James Kochalka

— ISBN 978-1-60309-085-8 (Diamond JUL11-1238)
— 6″x9″ full-color hardcover graphic novel
— 40 pages
— $9.95 (US)

Meanwhile, James Kochalka returns to his own series of animal adventure, with the wild energy that only Kochalka can bring! DRAGON PUNCHER (BOOK 2): DRAGON PUNCHER ISLAND features even more action and even more laughs than the first book, as our battle-suited kitty hero and fuzzy sidekick Spoony-E encounter a NEW armored warrior: the Monster Slapper! But is he friend or foe? The only way to find out is to read DRAGON PUNCHER ISLAND, continuing the awesome new series from the author of JOHNNY BOO: James Kochalka!

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