Pick of the Week – DMZ #66

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Each month I repeat myself how this is some of the most relevant political writing out there by anyone.  Brian Wood‘s DMZ is timely and gets you to think about war and patriotism without being preachy.  The series is wrapping up it’s run, which is beyond depressing, and it’ll be a long time before a series comes close to matching this run’s brilliance.

  1. DMZ #66 – see above
  2. Dark Horse Presents #2 – The first issue was one of my favorite comics in a while.  An anthology series where each entry is beyond solid.  Can’t wait for this second issue!
  3. Flashpoint tie-ins – How do you spell quality?  That’d be “Flashpoint.”
  4. Fables #106 – The Mr. Dark storyline continues and I have no idea where it’s going.
  5. G.I. Joe: Cobra #2 – A terrorist organization in disorder is headline grabbing news and this G.I. Joe series has been launched at the perfect time.
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