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DC Comicon 2011 Wrap Up

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I really hate to rag on a convention, especially one in it’s second year, but there’s something that was just sad about the Capital’s comic book convention.  Confined to basically a gym, DC Comicon 2011 was sparse in dealers or variation in items being sold, and other than some indie artists and a few celebrities, much of a reason to attend.  This “comic convention” reminded me more of the local shows held at the local Armory (and those had more dealers and variation of items being sold).  The price of Free is what has me not screaming bloody murder about it.

The biggest names to guest were Frank Cho, Larry Hama and S.L Gallant.  The convention is in it’s second year, so lets hope this show only grows and improves.  But it begs the question as to why Washington, DC doesn’t have a bigger show in the city proper?  SPX doesn’t count as it’s in Bethesda, but it’s a fantastic show.  What can we do to make the nation’s capital have the show it deserves?