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Brian Wood Confirms the End of Northlanders

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Brian Wood has gone to Twitter and his Tumblr blog to confirm the end to his Vertigo series Northlanders. He says trade sales just weren’t making up for the monthly sales and the series will end with issue 50. His blog post is very nice and he pleads with comic book shops to not cut their orders due to the news.

It has a very loyal fanbase but the trade sales just aren’t cutting the mustard. But it is staying around for awhile yet, and will finally conclude with issue #50. That means next week’s one-shot “Thor’s Daughter” (w/ Marian Churchland) and the nine-part “Icelandic Trilogy” (w/ Paul Azaceta) will still happen as planned. Please, retailers, do not cut your orders, and please, readers, don’t cancel your subs. No story is getting cut short, nothing will be left hanging. As always with NORTHLANDERS, you can jump in at the start of any story, including the ones listed above.

This comes not long after the news that the amazing writer is no longer DC exclusive and that he will not be included as part of the talent involved in the DC reboot.  He says his no longer being non-exclusive was not a factor into the series cancellation.

While he says he can write about vikings, it can’t be called Northlanders.

It’s a shame, because as he correctly points out, it’s a hell of a series.

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