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DC Comics Starts Over in August

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DC ComicsEarlier today DC comics announced it was ditching it’s entire universe to start fresh beginning on August 31 with a reboot of the Justice League, written by Geoff Johns and art by Jim Lee.  The 76 years of continuity seems to be being ditched, instead for a 21st century take on the companies iconic characters.  Johns in talking to press has said that “interpersonal relationships” will be a focus of DC’s premier team the Justice League, which will feature it’s titans of Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

In September, over 50 books (some reports say 52) will debut with first issues allowing jumping on points for new readers.  The stories will be grounded in what we know with a 21st century spin and more reflecting real world events and themes.  We’ve already seen a hint of this with a controversial story in Action Comics #900.  Along with the renumbering will be redesigned costumes by Jim Lee.  The characters will be “identifiable and accessible to comic fans new and old.”

This plan is in hopes to inject some new life into the waning comic book market.  With younger, more relatable characters, DC hopes to hook new readers for what’s been a relatively stagnant demographic base.

With this announcement, DC will also release new comics digitally the same day as print.  This was met with nervous and generally negative reactions by comic retailers on Twitter.  There has been talk about “incentives” for brick and mortar retailers, but the pressure to value-add with an experience not had online will grow stronger with this.

The announcement has me nervous with the talk of updates and makes me think of poor attempts to make characters “extreme” in the past.  Younger and more relatable are not two things I want to hear.

Also, between now and August/September, what incentive as a comic book reader do I have in purchasing any comic books released by the company other than Flashpoint?  Two of their flagship titles were also approaching their 1000th issue, a milestone that was sure to garner world wide attention.  DC has promised more details, so we’ll take a wait and see as more announcements come.

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