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Pick of the Week – Kill Shakespeare #11

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How do you make Shakespeare cool?  I know my eyes would roll in my head any time I had to learn about the Bard’s stories.  But something impressive has been done in Kill Shakespeare, arguably the greatest writer ever and his creations are made fun and enjoyable.  Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery have taken the creations of William Shakespeare and mashed them together into a really entertaining read.  Kill Shakespeare #11 is the penultimate issue of the first volume and if you haven’t picked up an issue, you better get to it and start from the beginning, it’s well worth the time.  A fun story line, with known characters interacting in new ways, makes the series familiar but not dry.  The art is top notch and most importantly, it makes you want to learn more about Shakespeare’s creations.  An impressive thing to do.

  1. Kill Shakespeare #11 – See above.
  2. Secret Warriors #27 – This is the second to last issue of the series and I honestly have no idea how this will wrap up.  Jonathan Hickman has weaved a complicated plot line that leaves you guessing as to what’s coming next.
  3. G.I. Joe: Cobra #1 – The head of a terrorist organization has been killed and the remaining infrastructure has to deal with the PR blow and scramble to fill the void of leadership.  Can this comic be any more timely?
  4. Captain America #618 – What will be done with Bucky?  That’s the million dollar question.
  5. The Walking Dead #85 – The last issue brought me to tears.  We’ll see what this one can do.