Thor Drops to Third While Priest Needs a Miracle

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Marvel Studios Thor PosterAs expected the movie Thor lost it’s first place standing this weekend as the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie debuted.  Thor fell to third place behind Pirates and Bridesmaids as it’s earnings dropped 55% and brought in $15.5 million.  The movie has brought in $145.4 million in the United States and $237.5 million overseas.  The cumulative $382.9 million is well above it’s cost of $150 million to make.  That ensures we’ll be seeing a sequel at some point.

The other big name comic book movie debut Priest hasn’t fared as well.  In it’s second week it dropped 69.2% and earned $4.6 million.  In the United States the movies has earned $23.6 million and cost $60 million to produce.  That means the movie will rely on DVD sales to make up the difference.  Unless those sales are lucrative, we won’t likely see a sequel.

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