Pick of the Week – Mega Man #1

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There’s a few comics I’ve been jonesing for since they were announced and Mega Man #1 by Archie Comics is one of those.  I’m a fan of the original video games and remember fondly watching the Saturday morning cartoon series.  I have no idea the quality, but I’m more than psyched to have this comic in my hands come Wednesday.

  1. Mega Man #1 – See above.
  2. The Flash #12/Flashpoint #1 – DC does their version of Age of Apocalypse, yes please!  I’ve liked the build up and I hope that this event actually holds up and feels worthy of being one.
  3. Chew #27 – One of the funniest and most entertaining comic book series on the market.  Consistently solid and should be in everyone’s pull box.
  4. FF #3 – Hickman has a master plan and I’m fascinated to see where he’s going.
  5. Netherworld #1 – Top Cow got me with the teasers and Bryan Edward Hill and Rob Levin are a hell of a writing team.
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