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Minnesota Politician Apologizes to Gaiman – Mom Made Him

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Yesterday news spread quickly that Minnesota House Majority Leader Matt Dean had placed Neil Gaiman on his “hate list” and accused Gaiman of stealing $45,000 from the people of Minnesota after giving a speech.  Dean also called Gaiman a “pencil-necked weasel” (sticks and stones people).

Gaiman went to his blog to explain the situation further, after first giving his non-political credentials.  Gaiman also showed the humor of it all listing four thoughts he has of them.  Gaiman generally thinks that “it’s funny,” he actually likes being on someone’s “hate list” as it reminds him of Nixon and tacks a jab back about the “pencil-necked weasel” part.  Gaiman also sets the record straight saying he received $33,600.  That’s a bit less than the $45,000 (25% less) than Dean claimed, showing that Dean is not only into hyperbole but also a liar.  Gaiman also points out that Dean’s complaining also is a bit hypocritical.  If the man believes in market principles, Gaiman is just taking advantage of that.  Nothing like hypocrisy in politicians.

It also looks like Dean has apologized for the “pencil-neck weasel” comment.  Not because he actually feels bad, but because his mom made him.  From the Minnesota public radio:

“My mom is staying with us right now because my wife’s out of town,” Dean said. “She was very angry this morning and always taught me not to be a name caller. And I shouldn’t have done it, and I apologize.”

Now, can Dean explain the exaggeration (outright lie actually) as to the fee itself?

One comment

  • I think society would be much more civil if we all listened to our moms, and name-calling by politicians shows a definite lack of class. But paying $30,000 of taxpayer money to any speaker is simply wrong (at least I can’t think of any circumstances that would justify it). A fundraiser that includes the speaker-fee is a different kettle of fish. But yes, Dean should get his numbers right and cut the childish behavior.